Bertram Architects’ residential work brings the sensibilities of California’s modernist heritage into the present. Our portfolio balances evocative new designs with sensitive adjustments to mid-century homes by architects such as Richard Neutra and Craig Ellwood.

The backbone of our work is a consistent architectural expression that can be precisely tailored to clients’ needs while always retaining its core character: lucid, decisively modern, and rooted in Southern California. This consistency allows us to focus on developing strong and specific solutions, rather than pursuing novelty.

We’re committed to an architecture of calm, livable spaces, both interior and exterior. Within these spaces, bespoke cabinetry, wood paneling, and built-in fittings reconcile modern simplicity with comfort and familiarity.

John Bertram received his Master of Architecture degree from Yale School of Architecture. He lives with his wife in Richard Neutra's 1939 McIntosh House in Silver Lake.